Thursday, August 20, 2009

The book is here, the book is here!

Well, it’s not exactly here yet, but according to Amazon it has a release date of October 1. You can preorder here.

And even though I’m not the author; merely a contributing artist (I have two step-by-step projects in the book, as well as several other finished paintings) I’m quite excited about it.

It’s a new book by UK author/artist Gill Barron, the fairly famous Painter of Everything -- she’s well on her way to painting everything in the entire world, and doing a beautiful job of it, too.

Gill wanted the title of this book to be: Acrylic Secrets:
300 Tips & Techniques for Making Better Paintings.

But one of the downsides of working with a gigantic publisher like Reader’s Digest is that they usually get their way, so the title is: Acrylic Secrets: 300 Tips and Techniques for Painting the Easy Way.

The book was published in the UK and will be distributed in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Congratulations, Gill!

And might I add: Woo-hoo!


Sandra said...

Congratulations and WOW O WOW!! My good friend is a for real published author (not to mention a world reknown painter). Most important, a good friend, forever...slh

Denise R said...

Cool! I ordered one last night. Can't wait to see your work in it!