Monday, August 17, 2009

A prayer for grace ...

O Lord,
We pray that your grace will fill our hearts,
fuel our thinking,
frame our relationships,
and follow us into the coming days.

This is a part of a prayer by Alister Begg I heard last week in one of the daily podcasts from Truth for Life

I first discovered Alistair’s graceful, loving, humble, uncompromising teaching of God’s Word when I would tune in to the radio broadcast on my 45-minute morning commute when we lived in Long Beach (California) several years ago. When we moved back here to Louisiana I really missed it, and I was happy to find out that Truth for Life has a website with downloadable podcasts I could listen to every day. It’s a real blessing, and I highly recommend it for everyone, not just believers.

Here’s a glimpse of my latest work in progress:


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