Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ordinary everyday beauty ...

I walked into the kitchen this afternoon and this unplanned still life on the drainboard struck me as simply beautiful. The pitcher I had used to carry water upstairs to the cats’ water bowl (yep, we don’t have working plumbing up there yet), and the vintage green bowl that I had used to warm up some soup for lunch. The way the winter afternoon light cast those long shadows. I’m glad I took the photo, because mere minutes later that light was way different, not nearly as dramatic.

The last couple of days have been below freezing all day long, and all the dogs get to come inside to get out of the cold. So here’s Buster, sitting on his quilt on an old chair in the living room, where he gets to spend freezing cold afternoons in comfy warmth. If Vermeer had a dog, he probably would have painted him something like this, I think.

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