Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And we’re painting ... and we’re painting ...

I hope everyone had a fun 4th ... and now, back to work!

Napscape work-in-progress detail:

If you put a round red rubber nose on my face and big flappy shoes on my feet I could be in the circus, because I’m juggling a lot of projects right now. Well, about three or four projects, anyway. Above, you can see where I had to stop on the dog painting today; and here are the work-in-progress photos so far:

Here’s where we left off on my last work-in-progress post.

Next, I continued working on the soft blanket under Sophie’s head and chest, using greens, turquoise, Payne’s gray and titanium white, some mars black and sometimes some yellows. I tried to keep it pretty loose, letting the red underpainting show through in places.

Now I move to the part of the blanket under her back leg ...

... and then I finish Sophie off (figuratively speaking!)

In this close-up detail, and the one below, you can see 
how I let the underpainting show through in places.

Here’s how my palette looked at this point. The reason there are two dabs of some colors is that I had to squeeze out a fresh dab today when the dab from Saturday was too dry. I should also point out that Saturday I started with a fresh palette after painting most of Sophie, so most of the mixing you see here was for the blanket.

And now, I start to work on the darker turquoise blanket showing under the pillow. First, the deep shadowy parts ...

... and then the highlighted parts.

Now I’m starting to work on the pillow. It’s a little too tight, I think, so tomorrow I’ll work on loosening it up just a bit.

And here’s how the whole thing looks so far!

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