Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer fashion

Here’s Andy.

He’s built for cold weather ...

... see?

Here he is one chilly morning last February,
playing keep-away with Trixie.

Go, Andy, go!

Now, in the middle of summer, this is just about as fast as he gets.

Until yesterday, that is.

He just went to the vet for his summer haircut, which will help him stay cooler through the hundred-degree days of August and September ahead.

Here he is, sporting his fresh summer ’do.

But don’t worry, his coat will have plenty of time 
to grow out nice and full by the time cool October arrives.

Now he looks like some rare, exotic breed.

Or like he’s sculpted out of fine Italian marble.

Or like someone was playing 

Hey, Andy ... how are you liking your new look?

Fine! Just fine!


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

What a face lol bet he feels great after getting his coat trimmed. His tail will make a handy floor cleaner lol

Karen M Schmidt said...

Hi, Elizabeth ... yes, sometimes when he's lying in the middle of the hall and just won't move out of the way I put both my hands on his back and scoot him over to the side. He does make a great floor duster!