Friday, August 26, 2011

A Louisiana wildflower garden
plus planning for fall

Summer is fast coming to a close (except for all this 100-plus-degree weather!) and even though I haven’t been posting new paintings lately, I’m busy gearing up for fall.

I finally got a Facebook page up for my art, and I uploaded the images for my Landscape Paintings and Animal Paintings albums ... you can click on the “Like” button over to the right at the top of this blog to become a “fan” of my art there.

This week I’m finishing up some graphic design work for a poster, flyers and program for a women’s outreach event at our church in October, then I’ll get started on some major cleaning out (think “Spring Cleaning,” only in September) in preparation for a painting workshop I’ll be leading here on October 1.

The workshop is actually being organized and hosted by Robin Clawson, an artist here in Shreveport who teaches classes on an ongoing basis, who asked me if I would like to be a guest artist for a Saturday workshop. When we were hammering out the details yesterday we realized we hadn’t discussed location, so I said, why not here in my studio? So that’s what we’re going to do and I’m SO EXCITED! A lot of you have asked me when I’m going to start teaching workshops; this first workshop is mainly for Robin’s current students, but it will let me get my feet wet, so to speak, and soon I plan to start teaching workshops open to anyone.

So. Right now my studio/office looks like this ...

... complete with Ray, wondering what in the world I’m doing over here in the corner.

I realize it doesn’t look TOO messy in these pictures; that’s because it’s a spacious room with the mess all pushed over to the corners. Just wait ’til I show you the “after” photos!


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Sounds like your going to be busy but it will be so worth it :)

Denise Rose said...

Your studio looks great and I hope the workshop is a success! I am sure you will be a great teacher!

Sara said...

That is one BEAUTIFUL fat cat! And I'm a dog person!