Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The teeny dogs next door

Our next-door neighbors have been away for a few days, taking their kids to the beach for a last hoorah of the summer before school starts tomorrow, and while they were gone we’ve been going over several times a day to take care of these cutie-patooties.

This is Miley, the miniature dachshund, who is a little over two years old and weighs maybe eight pounds. Just about every day she comes over to our back fence and gives our big dogs a good talking to, reminding them that they better just stay in their own yard if they know what’s good for ’em.

Here are Peanut and Champ, also miniature dachshunds, six months old and both just as full of beans as they can be. They’re waiting for their after-going-out-in-the-yard treat.

Champ is a long-haired mini, just beautiful. Here he is out in the yard, letting the wind blow in his hair:

I wonder what’s going on in his little bean-filled head.

And here’s little old Ramona, the chihuahua, about thirteen years old. Hard to get a close-up without my zoom lens. She values her privacy.

On the art front, my sister finally talked me into getting on Facebook, so I’ve been reading articles on how artists can promote their art on a Facebook page that is separate from their personal pages. Still trying to figure all that out, but I’m getting there!

I’ll put a link when I have it ready.



Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Love the teeny weenies and as I've been owned by two over the years know all about their bullet proof attitude.....the scraps they have gotten me into. Luckily size also means I can scoop them up and run from the mayhem caused...LOL

Karen M Schmidt said...

"Bullet proof attitude" .. isn't that the truth! Yes, I had to scoop up Miley a time or two to get her to come back into the house :)

Anonymous said...

Facebook is a great place if you can separate your business from your personal. It's to late for me. . .well maybe I could figure something out, but that will take a while. I seem to have acquired over 500 friends. I come from a very large family. . .but not that large for sure! HAHA! So perhaps I could start a family page and separate it that way. I am subscribed to many many artist who put their personal stuff on theirs, which can be overwhelming for the readers for sure, especially the political and private views. Anyway love the post on the pouches. My daughter has a mid sized puppy dachshund. Her second, she just loves the breed.