Friday, August 5, 2011

Napscape finished!

Napscape © 2011 by Karen Mathison Schmidt
10 x 30 inches • oil on museum-quality, archival 2" cradled Gessobord

SOLD • private collection, Poway, California

Here is the finished painting ... yay! For a larger image you can click here to view the painting on my website. This one was kind of a milestone for me: the first time I’ve sold a painting while it was still in progress! Woo-hoo! One of my collectors spotted the progress photos on my blog and e-mailed me to make sure she was first in line to purchase it when it was done. As soon as the varnish dries it will be winging its way across the country to its new home.

I’ve been taking some time away from painting for the last few days to integrate a new canine member into our family. This is dog number seven. Yep, seven. Only one more and we’ll have a team big enough to pull Santa’s sleigh in case Donner, Blitzen and the gang decide to retire. Good thing we have plenty of love and plenty of room! Look for more details in my next post later on today.

Meanwhile, here are some close-up details of today’s painting:


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

It looks as fabulous as I thought it would the colour and light just gorgeous. Looking forward too meeting the new member of the family...Rudolph?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh My it's just so beautiful. The colors are magnificent. I love that you tackle things like quilts and complicated items. You make it look so easy when it's truly not. . .just wonderful.

Karen M Schmidt said...

Elizabeth, thanks so much! "Rudolph" - ha ha! that's a close guess, though ... our newcomer's name is Roadie!

Sherry, thank you! Yes, it's easy to get intimidated by complex subjects; I have to remind myself often that I'm really just painting what I see, and if I slow myself down and concentrate, I can see all those beautiful little nuances make a scene so interesting!

Virginia Floyd said...

Fabulous painting, Karen! As always.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

You have outdone yourself. This is a Best of Show work in my humble opinion.
The color and brushwork here are beyond words. Each of the 'detail' photos are a work unto themselves which, is the mark of a great painting. I would make cards out of those because they are beautiful.

If I remember correctly you did a similar painting a few years ago and when I see your name, I picture that beautiful painting of the quilt and the colorful dogs.

Karen M Schmidt said...

Virginia, I love hearing from you ... thank you!

Mary, wow! "Best in Show" ... what a wonderful thing to say, thank you! I know the painting you mean, with all four Redbones sleeping on their plaid blanket. It's a real compliment to me that that has stuck in your mind; it's been one of my absolute favorites since I finished it. Now I think this one is going to be, too. :)

Ruth Andre said...

Karen, I can see why this painting sold as a work in progress, it is gorgeous. I love the color and the title and the wonderful dogs. I hope you do more large pieces. This one is excellent. Love the new addition too.