Saturday, August 18, 2012

A dog in a million

 ... but then again, isn’t everyone’s?


Ensconced III: Buster  © 2012 Karen Mathison Schmidt, artist
6 x 6 inches • acrylic on archival, museum-quality GessobordTM

private collection • Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Here’s Buster, ensconced in one of his approximately one dozen select napping places in and around our house. This one happens to be one of the shabby (not shabby chic, just shabby) antique chairs in the parlor, covered with comfy blankets and the colorful throw Paul’s parents gave us last Christmas.

This was so much FUN to paint, with Buster’s always-soulful (I wonder what he’s thinking) expression, the soft highlights from the indirect afternoon sunlight from the bay window on his coat, and the nubbly texture of the fringed multicolor throw draped over the arm and back of that comfy old chair.

Check back tomorrow for work-in-progress photos!

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