Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Peaceable Household

Thanks, everyone, for checking in on us ... Today was not quite as bad as they were predicting. It was windy last night, just blowing a few branches down from the trees and then all day today has been a steady, breezy rain. It looks from the weather map that we got away with being just on the western edge of all the bad storminess, but our neighbors to the east in Mississippi and later in the day to the north in Arkansas got pretty slammed.

Things have been pretty quiet around here today, and while we’re thankful to have been spared the worst part of the storm, we still keep our neighbors in our prayers.

The steady, all-day rain has been quite conducive to peaceful napping:

Roadie, our Catahoula/ Great Dane mix, now 103 pounds and still growing, is still clinging to the notion that he can comfortably nestle into the same chair he claimed as his favorite napping place about 45 pounds ago.

When I looked out the living room window to the front porch, I saw our Moustachio curled up beside the desert plants I had brought up off the patio to shelter them from the rainy day. I knew that as soon as I stepped out the front door to get this pic, he would wake and run to me thinking I might be putting a snack in his dish. And I REALLY wanted this photo, so I sneaked out the kitchen door and walked stealthily around the house – in the rain, I might add (without an umbrella because the sound of the rain hitting it might awaken our slumbering subject; I sheltered my camera under my shirt) – slipped silently up the steps to the front porch, took several shots with my camera on silent, and then stole quietly away, back the way I came, so as not to disturb the rainy day napper. 

That’s just how dedicated I am to capturing a good pic. And to letting sleeping cats lie.

Even Trixie put down her clipboard, Official Rule Book (pocket edition), and hall monitor badge long enough to catch a few rainy afternoon ZZZ’s.

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