Thursday, July 11, 2013

He’s done!

 Raffles  © 2013 by Karen Mathison Schmidt, artist
9 x 12 inches • oil on cradled GessobordTM

COMMISSION • El Paso, Texas

Here’s the finished painting of Raffles the Ragdoll cat, or as he is called by friends and family, “Ol’ Blue Eyes.” He’s 13 years old, lives out west, loves tuna (yeah, well, you know, who doesn’t?) and, according to his mom, is extremely helpful no matter what the project. In this portrait he’s assisting by keeping her fabric from sliding to the floor. Whether it’s laundry, computer tasks, a craft project, or whatever, Raffles is right there at her side making himself useful. What a wonderful personal assistant! 

I love the painting! So glad I found you. I’m thrilled with your work on the furful Raffles. What I really, really like is how well you've captured his personality. Thank you so very much.

– Pam in El Paso

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Jenna said...

Beautiful Karen! Love this and all of your simply gorgeous, full of color and life paintings. I'm always looking forward to what you're going to do next. You rock!