Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oh, what a beautiful morning

All the windows are open in my upstairs work space, a light breeze passing through ... earlier this morning was downright chilly (almost unheard of for July in the Ark-La-Tex) and now, perfect, on our way to an 85-degree afternoon. 

Kick-started my work day with a sketch of the view out my studio window ... snapped a few quick photos of the view inside the window (this one went right into the folder on my Mac labeled “painting ideas”  cross-reference cats, cross-reference still life) ...

... caught a few of Jo napping in her favorite pretty box on my work table. You can tell by her ear that she’s just pretending to be asleep until I go away. What she doesn’t quite get yet is that I have a lifetime of cute pet stalking experience behind me. I don’t give up easily. And I don’t go away until I get what I came for.

Fine! Take your silly picture!

Silly paparazza ...

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