Saturday, March 7, 2015

Love me a country road!

 Harts Island Road  © 2015 Karen Mathison Schmidt
12 x 16 inches • oil on ¾ inch cradled Museum Series GessobordTM
semigloss varnish for UV protection
sides painted dark umber • can be displayed with or without a frame

or view the auction • ends Thursday evening, April 16
10% of proceeds donated to Mercy Ships

I love driving along Harts Island Road when I feel like taking the scenic route home from town. It’s lined with tall trees that this time of year are mostly bare and brown, but it won’t be long before they’re lush and full and almost meeting overhead like a beautiful green canopy.


Anonymous said...

Hello Karen... Your work leaves me speechless. Your colors and those "dabs" to help separate items hits me. I use dabs, cause I cannot think of another word to describe your technique, all I know is I love it.


Frances de Jager said...

Hi Karen. your work is a great inspiration to me , I am a wildlife and portrait artist from Pretoria South Africa.We go on holiday into the african bush where I also love to paint trees in watercolor on the spot ..sitting in out truck with the painting on my lap as one is not allowed to exit your vehicle where there are lions and elephants about. i now want to venture into new subjects and get away from realism. I have a lot of desert referance photos but do not have a clue how to convert dusty arid landscapes into explosion of color like yours, I hope I can manage to do it. Thanks for sharing your progress pictures I may get some idea from there how to get coulorfull!.. Greetings from Pretoria SA ... Frances