Sunday, January 9, 2011


Here in Shreveport we say that if you don’t like the winter weather, just wait ten minutes.

It’s been raining all day today. All day.

Freezing, messy, icy rain.



It’s supposed to snow starting sometime in the middle of the night. But right now it’s still just icy, sleety, messy rain.

Yesterday, however, was just beautiful. Very spring-like. Farmer Mike’s horses were out in our pasture in the morning so I decided it would be a good time to get some good horse photos. We let Farmer Mike use our pasture for his horses and cows, and he maintains it for us and pays us a little rent. Good for him, good for us.

Fun for me because I can go walking with the horses now and then.

Hey, I wonder if she brought any snacks today?

Let’s go see!

You wouldn’t happen to have a carrot in your pocket, would you?

Or some apple slices, maybe?


Sorry, fellas, not today.

Fine! We’re outta here!

While this guy was busy scratching his nose on the fence,
I slipped through the barbed wire and headed off after the others.

I noticed he was following me, so I offered him a doggy treat I found in the pocket of my jacket.

But he wasn’t interested.

After a while everybody ignored me and I just walked around taking pictures.

I noticed that some of my equine buddies liked dining alone ...

... and some liked to eat with friends.

After a bit, I sensed I was being approached.

Hey, here’s a little advice ...
if you want to get some really good shots, next time ...



Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Snacks - horses, cats, dogs and men - you can get a lot more out of them with good snacks!!! I think you are SO lucky to have these 'neighbors' Can't wait to see what paintings come out of these images!

Karen M Schmidt said...

Ha ha ha, so true about the snacks, Kelley, so true! I already have a lot of painting ideas swimming around in my brain from this outing. Maybe I can get one or two of them sketched out in my cozy studio while it's freezing outside.

No snow this morning, by the way. *sniff*

Virginia Floyd said...

The weather sounds miserable. Hope you are able to sit in a warm studio and paint. Love your pictures and commentary.