Friday, January 14, 2011

Webbing vs. Painting

30 x 40 inches • oil on deep cradled Gessobord

Yesterday I spend about half my work time updating my website, and half my time painting.

I prefer painting.

Here’s Bailey keeping me company as I paint into the night. Well, as I paint into 7 p.m. or so. I don’t really like painting by artificial light, but since the sun goes down early on these winter days, I got these daylight spectrum bulbs for the light fixture in my studio, and they seem to work really well. By that I mean that the colors in the painting by this light looked almost exactly like they looked in the daylight when I walked in this morning, as you can see by comparing the photo below with the photo above, taken this morning.

I shouldn’t be talking, but it looks to me like Bailey needs to spend a little less time napping in the studio, and a little more time on the playground.

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Frank Zweegers said...

Great painting, Karen. Keep up the good work!