Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Surrounded by Inspiration

Every Blessing work in progress
30 x 40 inches • oil on Gessobord

This morning when I let the dogs out after breakfast, I walked out into the yard to see if I could find any new daffodil leaves poking their way up through the grass. After roaming around the yard for a bit, I climbed up on the back yard fence to look over into the pasture, and spotted a bit of white peeking through some tangled grasses ... the first paperwhites!

Late this afternoon I took a break to walk out there and take some photos of these early blooms.

Here’s a glance back at the house and our seven-foot high back yard fence. It looks so small compared with the sweeping landscape of the pasture.

What a beautiful time of day, right before the winter sunset when the light is tinged with gold. I’m truly blessed to be surrounded by such inspiration!


Virginia Floyd said...

Beautiful photos. The land is truly beautiful. Makes me a little homesick for my childhood on the Texas coast, with lots of rainfall and large trees.

Karen M Schmidt said...

Thanks, Virginia ... yes, it is beautiful. I feel so blessed that I get to live here!