Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Senior-rita Trixie

The Scenic Route ©2011 Karen Mathison Schmidt
11 x 14 inches • oil on 3/4" cradled Gessobord

SOLD • private collection • Captain Cook, Hawaii

After I finished this new country road painting, I was going to get started on a new one, featuring these irises I photographed at the American Rose Center. But I had to stop and take Trixie to the vet because she suddenly seemed to be having a hard time walking, and didn’t want to hop up onto the sofa in the parlor, her favorite napping place.

We found out it’s nothing serious ... she’s having some back pain because she just pulled something in her lower back, probably while playing with Andy this morning, wheeling and darting and showing off all her herding moves. She just has to take it easy for a few days.

I hated to break it to her, but Trixie’s just not as young as she used to be. The vet noticed in her charts that she just turned seven, which makes her a senior dog now.

Trixie says that makes all our other dogs mere sophomores.


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

That's my kind off road, love driving though trees. Hugs to Trixie who looks like she's giving us all a song :)

Karen M Schmidt said...

Hi Elizabeth ... yes, it's beautiful, even in the winter with the trees bare, their branches and twigs all lacy against the blue sky. Oh, and you nailed it, Trixie was singing to me when I took this photo. :)