Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Silly Cats (a redundant phrase?)

My aunt recently did some spring cleaning and asked me if I would like to have this antique coal bucket, complete with a big chunk of actual coal. Right after I set it out on the front porch, I saw that Ray, after his daily roll in red dirt beside the driveway, did some nosing around inside my new acquisition and then settled for a nap.

Why do I suddenly have the tune to “Chim-chimeny, chim-chimeny, chim chim-cheree” running through my head?

P.S. In the middle of uploading these photos I ran downstairs to freshen my coffee, and when I came back, here was Bailey, making like a bear-skin rug on my computer desk. She really cracks me up ... I never knew she could get so flat.

Almost nothing goes better with fresh coffee than a good laugh.

Unless it’s a chocolate croissant.

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