Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Love a Road Trip, continued ...

Here are the first couple of progress photos of I Love A Road Trip No. 3: Summer Light, a colorado landscape of a homestead nestled in a small river valley ...

First, the sketch I drew in pencil, then defined with mars black acrylic:

You can just barely see the pencil lines where I divided the surface into three sections vertically and horizontally; this one had a lot of nice strong shapes, and I wanted to get the relationships and relative sizes just right.

Below is the ever-popular wild-amd-crazy-colored underpainting, blocked in with various mixtures of cadmium orange, magenta, phthalo blue, and titanium white. That vivid red I made by mixing strong glazes of the orange and magenta.

Except for the river, I decided on these under colors by choosing (roughly) the complement of what the main finished color of each area will be.

Curious as to how it will turn out?

Me, too!

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