Friday, January 11, 2013

Camo kitty


Hidden Treasure  © 2013 by Karen Mathison Schmidt, artist
6 x 6 inches • acrylic on GessobordTM
private collection • St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

At first you may think this is a painting of geraniums. But if you look real hard you can see Jo, ready to pounce whatever poor unsuspecting soul happens by.

I do have work in progress photos for this as well as a couple of other recent paintings, but I’m a bit under the weather tonight so I think I’d better put off posting them until a little later, and head to bed with a cup of hot tea.

Oh, hey, before I go ... I’m having a sort of “Flash Sale” of a bunch of my Limited Edition Prints, which I listed yesterday and today for three-day auctions starting at 49¢. Visit my eBay store to check them out and maybe get a couple at a FAB-ulous final price!

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