Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cirque d’ Easel,
starring Jo, acrobat extraordinaire

Henry Commission • WORK-IN-PROGRESS

Here’s more progress on Henry. 

I had almost forgotten how much I just love using oil paints. 

For the past few months, ever since Jo came to be part of our family, I’ve been sticking to acrylics. Just until she learns the ropes of being a studio cat. You know, basic rules like No Walking On The Palette. 

I’m proud to announce that after only two or three foot-washing episodes, she’s mastered that one. 

We’re still working on No Drinking the Pretty Paint Water, and No Climbing on the Easel When Mom Is Painting.

This last one may take a little longer, since at least three or four times a day, she likes to go through her acrobatic routine:

And now, a few maneuvers on the empty easel:

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist!


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Someone should be in the circus :)

Anonymous said...

Great post and adorable cat! I also love the big fat cat in the second picture lounging behind Jo! That is one large hairball!

Carroll Michalek said...

Thanks for the giggles.
What a fun kitty.

Karen M Schmidt said...

Yes, Elizabeth, in fact sometimes I do refer to her as "the circus cat." I just don't know whether she belongs with the acrobats or the clowns! :)

Thanks, Leslie! Yes, that's our Ray ... 14 pounds to Jo’s six. Doesn't keep her from pouncing on him every chance she gets, though ;)

Thank you, Carroll, glad you enjoyed her escapades, she keeps me laughing, too :)

Anonymous said...

Just checkin it out from every angle. EVERY angle.
Such a purr-fectionist.


cindy said...

Loving the progress on Henry!! Can wait to see the final pairing!

cindy said...

Love the progress on Henry's painting! Can't wait to see the finished one!!