Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trixie by any other name ...

 Ensconced VI: Trixie • WORK-IN-PROGRESS

A while back on Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, my FBEHW (Favorite Blog Ever in the History of the World), Ree Drummond published a post telling all the names she calls their Bassett Hound, Charlie, none of which is his actual given name.

We have nicknames for our dogs, too (don’t we all?)
Here are our most often used ones for Trixie, our first-adopted:

Trixie Doodle
The Doodler
Poodler Doodler
Trixie Goose
The Gooz
and (because we also sometimes call Sophie “Gooz”)
Gooz Classic

In addition to these endearments, we also play an ongoing game with derivations of her name, which goes like this:

If Trixie was a Mexican maiden, she would be called Trixorita.
If Trixie was a cold medicine, she would be Trixoral.
If Trixie was an ancient civilization, she would be Trixalonia.
If she was a discount superstore she would be Trix-Mart.

 If she was a branch of mathematics, she would be Trixonometry.

If she was a theme park with lots of fun rides and overpriced snack foods, 
she would be Trixieland.

If she was a ...

Okay, I’ll stop now.

But you get the idea. The possibilities are endless. 

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