Friday, January 18, 2013

More Trixie progress, and I finally
start watching Downton Abbey

 Ensconced VI: Trixie • WORK IN PROGRESS

In between a few other projects I have going right now, I’ve managed to make some more progress on Trixie. Now that I have it this far, I think the pillow on the left behind her head may be a little too busy, so I’m thinking I’ll probably simplify that one a little. The blanket draped across the arm of the chair in the left foreground will be reddish, which will complement the spring-green pillow in the background. I’ve been a little lax in posting work-in-progress photos in my last few posts, so tomorrow I plan to show the full-blown work-in-progress of this along with the finished painting.

(Oh, that reminds me ... if you enjoy seeing other artists’ processes like I do, Karin Jurick has started a work-in-progress blog you might want to check out.)

And now I’m going to have some relaxation time with my husband and Downton Abbey. For the last year or so several of my friends have been telling me I would really enjoy this series, but we never got around to watching it. 

Until last night. 

We started watching Season One on DVD, which one of said friends lent me a few days ago.

Oh. My. Goodness.

We watched five episodes in a row. We knew we were staying up way too late, but we just couldn’t help ourselves. At the end of each one, we would look at each other and say, “Whoa.” ... pause ... and then, “Let’s do another!” We tried to watch a sixth, but we were about to lose our battle with sleepiness (plus I knew that in the morning the dogs and cats would not care a flip how late I had stayed up; they were still going to be clamoring for their breakfast at the crack of dawn). So that leaves two more episodes for tonight.

Only two.

Oh, well, at least we’ll get to sleep at a decent hour tonight. 

Before I sign off, I just have to introduce you all to this little guy. His name is Henry and he is the “grand-dog” of Cindy in Paradise Valley, Arizona. She has commissioned a portrait of him, which I will be doing next week. 

Can hardly wait to get started ... just look at that face!


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Trixie is going to be gorgeous and with a face like that you can't go wrong with Harry.

Would you believe I've never seen an episode of Downton Abbey but have heard it's wonderful :)

Karen M Schmidt said...

Thanks, Elizabeth!

Well, after seeing season one, I'm hooked ... it is SO good! I think if you liked Upstairs, Downstairs or the movie Gosford Park, you will love Downton Abbey. :)

Anonymous said...

Love visiting your blog daily. Your paintings are always so uplifting and just wonderful! Do you ever paint in oils?

Karen M Schmidt said...

Thank you, Leslie! Yes I do paint in oils as well as acrylics. I've been sticking to the acrylics lately because of our new feline addition, Jo. It's much easier to wash acrylic paint than oil paint off little kitten feet. After a couple of foot baths, though, she's learned to steer clear of my palette. I just got a commission for an oil painting, so here's hoping the lesson sticks!