Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I love my job

Venturing out into the pasture on a 30-something degree morning after two solid days of rain takes a bit more prep than on other days. 

Let’s see … wool socks, two pair. Check.

Gloves, one regular, one fingerless (for operating the camera). Check.

Camera. Check.

Boots, coat, scarves
(or, if you’re from other climes, this last one might be: Wellingtons, coat, mufflers).

Check, check, check.

Yep, a lot more prep … 

But oh, so worth it!

Not even December yet, and here come the daffodils!

And the paper whites!

Hmmm. Looks like one of these got munched.

By one of our neighbors of the bovine ilk, I suspect.

Speaking of which --

HEY! Look! It’s a two-headed cow!

Oh. Wait.

It’s just two cows standing next to each other for warmth.

When I can’t feel my toes anymore, it’s time to head back inside.

While I download and edit my pics, answer email, update the website, print shipping labels and work up the composition for a new large landscape painting, I get to have a steamin’ cup o’ joe, mocha style.

After that I move over here to paint.


Somebody pinch me.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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