Monday, November 4, 2013

More horse progress and two tired pups

horse painting WORK-IN-PROGRESS • 18 x 24 oil on cradled GessobordTM

Here’s my current work-in-progress photo for this painting of Sophie the horse. When she’s finished I’ll post the final version along with more progress photos.

Early yesterday morning, Roadie dug a hole under the back yard fence and he, Buster and Matilda headed out on a grand adventure. As they were disappearing from view, I thought I heard Buster shout out, “Come on, guys! To the pasture … and beyond!”

Roadie came back after about 15 minutes. He’s a homebody at heart.

We saw neither hide nor hair of Buster and Matilda until they came dragging in at about 3:00 this morning. We were asleep but Trixie woke us up to let us know that they were on the front porch. I went to the front door and let them in and, immediately after gobbling down a quick supper, they sacked out in the parlor, two very tired hounds.

Except for breakfast, supper and brief outings into the back yard, they have done nothing but sleep all day today.

Paul said that sometimes he wishes we had a doggie-cam to see how far they go and just what they do when they go on these grand adventures. (Sometimes, it seems, the outings are more adventurous than others: one time a couple of years ago Buster came back with a deep gash across his chest, and when the vet was cleaning it out, preparing to stitch him up, he pulled a coyote tooth out of the wound!)

I, for one, am just glad they’re home again, safe and sound, 
with just a few scratches and worn out paws.

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