Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sophie the horse, finished! (plus more adventures of Jo & Ray)


Free Indeed II: Sophie  © 2013 Karen Mathison Schmidt
18 x 24 inches • oil on Ampersand Museum Series cradled GessobordTM
private collection • Watercolor, Florida

Limited Edition prints on paper and on canvas will be available soon.

Here she is, finished! 

Earlier in the year Sophie’s mom bought one of my “Windswept” mounted canvas Limited Editions, and during our email communications she sent me a photo of her sweet Sophie. So beautiful I just had to ask permission to paint her. She said of course, and asked if she could have first dibs on buying the finished painting. Little did we both know that Life and other projects would rush in and bump this one back to almost Christmas! But here she is, her mom is thrilled, and now this one will be whisked off to Arkansas as soon as she’s dry. (The note under the picture says “Watercolor, Florida,” because eventually that’s where the painting will live so Sophie’s mom can still see her every day when they’re away from their Arkansas home.)

When I first did the composition back in March, I had chosen a 12 x 24 dimension, but when I went back to it I started over on an 18 x 24 inch, and I like this composition much better. She just needed more room!

Just look at this sweet face … how could I resist painting her?

 Here are some close-up details. 

I sure had a fun time playing with all the little dots of light and color 
here in a shadowy corner of the pond.

And now it’s time to get up and start the painting of Jo that I have in mind for today.

But I ask you: How can I possibly go over to the easel to get started …

… when I have this going on in my lap?

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