Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A hymn for the evening

In these last few cold spells that we’ve been having before spring sets in for good, I’ve been spending a little time each day out in the yard, clearing vines and overgrown areas that went neglected last summer, to make for easier mowing later on. I really want to get all this kind of thing done now because the messes I’m trying to clean up are just the sort of places where, as soon as the warm weather is here to stay, snakes like to lounge and wasps like to nest. So I’m trying to make it unattractive for them by making things neat and tidy.

Well, less messy anyway.

Late this afternoon I had been working out in front of the house for a good while when I glanced out to the pasture just in time to see the last rays of the sun hitting the tops of the trees, bathing them in gold -- quittin’ time! I thought as I ran for the camera and headed out to gather more painting fodder.

This last one I took just before going in to start supper
put me in mind of this evening hymn:

Now the day is over, night is drawing nigh,
Shadows of the evening steal across the sky.

Now the darkness gathers, stars begin to peep,
Birds and beasts and flowers soon will be asleep.

Jesus, give the weary calm and sweet repose; 
With Thy tenderest blessing may mine eyelids close.

Grant to little children visions bright of Thee;
Guard the sailors tossing on the deep blue sea.

Comfort those who suffer, watching late in pain;
Those who plan some evil from their sin restrain.

Through the long night watches may Thine angels spread
Their white wings above me, watching round my bed.

Glory to the Father, Glory to the Son,
And to Thee, blest Spirit, while all ages run.

words by SABINE BERING-GOULD (1867)

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Debbie Nolan said...

Just gorgeous photos and I love the words to that old hymn...have never sung it before but must check it out...such lovely words. I am so anxious to get outdoors and dig and clean too but we still are in the midst of snow and cold...hope spring comes soon. Your daffodils make me so wistful. Have a lovely week.