Friday, March 28, 2014

Back to the easel!

Well, I really only intended to take a couple of days for some spring cleaning, but once I got started one thing led to another and it ended up being two weeks!

Once I did some real world sprucing up around the house (our bedroom and living room look absolutely FAB-ulous by the way, and I can actually see the floorboards in the laundry room again), that inspired me to do a little virtual freshening up of my eBay store, blog header art, and website.

As much as I love doing graphic design, I started missing the smell of oil paints, stand oil and turpenoid (no kidding: unlike turpentine, I find the citrusy scent of nontoxic Turpenoid Natural actually kind of pleasant), so this afternoon I was glad to get back to the easel for an hour or two to continue the daffodil painting. What a joy!

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