Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Royal Nap and a painting workshop -- woo-hoo!


A Royal Nap  © 2015 Karen Mathison Schmidt
8 x 8 x ¾ inches • oil on ¾" deep cradled Ampersand Museum Series GessobordTM
private collection • Derby, Kansas

I spent a good part of the day working on a 24 x 36 painting of our Sophie and Buster napping on the sun porch, then took a break from that one to paint this one from a photo I have of Ray catching a snooze on a comfy royal blue blanket. Getting a lot of painting in these days, and loving it!

Excitement Abounds!

I will be teaching a 3-day oil painting workshop in Savannah, Georgia, next April. I’ll be teaching technique and color use, and doing painting demos where you watch and ask questions, and we will also do paint-alongs, where you and I paint at the same time. And we will have FUN, FUN, FUN! This is for beginners to intermediate, and anyone who would like to paint with us. It would be good if you have done at least a little bit of painting, but if you haven’t, don’t let that keep you from signing up! (And you have a year to experiment some before the workshop :)

The dates for the workshop are April 6-8, 2016 (that’s a Wednesday thru Friday). I’ll providing a list of supplies with an easy shopping list on the Blick website.

The workshop is being organized by Rebecca Kahrs, and you can contact her at Rebecca@rebeccakahrs.com for complete details and to sign up.

Be sure to check out Rebecca’s beautiful watercolor paintings here on her website.
You’ll be glad you did!

NOTE: I will also be teaching more workshops here in Shreveport, Louisiana, and will give those details as soon as everything is set up, so check back for more info on those!


Kathy E said...

Excited about your classes! I have a question, I use acrylics, I've never used oils, is that a problem? How expensive would the supplies be? Just trying to think it through as it could be a one time purchase. Thanks in advance.

Karen M Schmidt said...

Hi Kathy! So glad you're interested in the workshops! For those who don't usually use oils, what I probably will do is provide just the amount of those paints they will need for the workshop, for a small fee, so anyone who normally doesn't use oils will be able to participate and not have to spend so much on paints they will never use. :)