Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Poppy painting continued ...

Art is the unceasing effort to compete with the beauty of flowers 
-- and never succeeding.


Poppies work in progress • 16 x 12 inches • oil on 1.5" deep cradled GessobordTM

I decided to come up with another word for this stage instead of “underpainting.” True, this is the layer that is underlying the finished painting, but if this is where the strength of the composition is established, and the rest of the painting is built upon this …


I think I’ll call this the foundational painting.

Don’t know as it will ever catch on, seeing as how this stage has been referred to as “underpainting” for centuries, but you never can tell!

Although up until now I almost always use acrylics for the underpai -- oops, I mean the foundational painting -- this time I used oils right off, thinned with Gamsol for a watercolor-y effect.

More about the palette for this painting in my next post!

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AL said...

Wow! This painting is beginning to "pop". -- Uh, sorry, it just came out I couldn't stop it.