Tuesday, April 28, 2015

new works in progress!

A good artist has less time than ideas.


Untitled WORK IN PROGRESS • 9 x 12 inches • oil on cradled Ampersand ClaybordTM

Here are some new ones in progress. 

It’s just near impossible to keep up with the ideas that just keep on coming. 

“… less time than ideas.” Don’t we all pretty much fall into that category? For me the key to productivity is to zero in on a few ideas and be able to concentrate long enough to execute those, even while myriad others are swirling around trying to distract me. 

I have a feeling it’s going to be a very busy summer!

 Gigi WORK IN PROGRESS • 8 x 8 inches • oil on cradled GessobordTM

Paperwhites WORK IN PROGRESS • 16 x 12 inches • oil on cradled GessobordTM

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Tricia Slone said...

Can't wait to see paperwhites finished!