Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Budget breakdown

Just a reminder for all you “highway art” lovers, 
the auction for this one is ending in just a couple of hours.


Road Trippin’  © 2015 Karen Mathison Schmidt
12 x 16 x ¾ inches • oil on ¾" cradled Ampersand Museum Series GessobordTM

private collection • Chicago, Illinois

10% of proceeds benefit Mercy Ships
and about 88% benefit these yahoos:

The remaining approximately two percent 
will be used to help replenish my art supplies.


Tricia Slone said...

"88% benefits these Yahoos" LOL

Karen M Schmidt said...

I'm glad this made you laugh, Tricia :) Sounds like you know exactly where I'm coming from. It's funny because it's TRUE! LOL