Friday, April 20, 2007

Go Bobcats!

Just wanted to show you all what I did today during my painting time. This is the cover art for next year's school planners at Burcham elementary and middle school in Long Beach, CA, where two of my nephews go to school. My sister (PTA President) drew the bobcat and designed the cover, and I transformed it into vector art in Adobe Illustrator for her.

And here's a picture of my 3 California nephews, blazing a trail during a family camping trip:

This picture is several years old - this July they will turn 15, 12 and 10 ... whew! the time, how she do fly by!

In the morning I'll start on another of my "Neighborhood Paintings" - tune in tomorrow to see what it will be ... the suspense is killing you, I can tell!


1 comment:

Leslie Pease said...

Sister is also talented!!!

And you are right I am looking forward to tomorrow's piece!