Saturday, April 14, 2007


"Ray of Sunshine" ©2006 Karen Mathison Schmidt
14 x 11 • oil on board • not for sale

I love Saturday! So much potential! As usual lately, today is jam packed with projects and chores, but with the added perk of no deadline pressure, making said projects and chores much more enjoyable, with plenty of built-in goof off time.

I plan to do more work on the little boy's portrait I mentioned in Thursday's post -- maybe I'll post it later this evening. Meanwhile, here's my portrait of our cat, Ray, working hard at soaking up the the sunshine pouring in through one of my office/studio windows.


Kelley MacDonald said...

I love your work - so painterly! And the colors are so joyful. I'm so happy to be able to check in on your blog. Just wanted to say 'keep up the good work'!

Karen Mathison Schmidt said...

Kelley - right back atcha! Your compliment means a lot coming from a painter whose work i admire.

I've worked really hard to learn how to let go trying to control every little detail, so I really appreciate that word "painterly." Thanks so much for your encouragement!

Leslie Pease said...

This piece is masterful. The light through the window and all the other wonderful details make this piece sing.

I can actually “feel” the warmth of the sun -- makes me want to cat-nap too!

Kerri King said...

I keep coming back to stare at this one. Your use of color in it is amazing; I love the way all the touches come together on the cat's fur.

I've got so many photos of my cats and I sometimes think everyone's painted them but me (I submitted some as references for artists). One day, though!

Karen Mathison Schmidt said...

wow ... thanks for all the great comments!

Leslie, such a wonderful thing to say, that you can feel the sun in the painting - you made my day!

Kerri, I really want to encourage you to dive right in and paint a cat portrait. I used to tremble in my boots whenever I thought about trying to paint an animal, but I discovered that if you paint the shapes, light and shadows just like you do your still life subjects, everything kind of falls into place.

Thanks again, everyone, for all your encouraging words!