Thursday, April 12, 2007

One Hip Cat

"One Hip Cat" ©2006 Karen Mathison Schmidt
16x20 • oil on board • so not for sale

I started on a sweet new portrait today, but I don't want to post it until I get permission from the child's mom. So instead, I thought I would treat you to this glimpse of my husband in one of his more reflective moods.

This is from a portrait session we did sometime back before Christmas. During the photo-taking, our dog Trixie was just beside herself that, for once, it wasn't all about her. Afterward we all took part in a rousing game of "Gimme That Duck" with one of her favorite toys. I guess it's all about the dog most of the time after all.

So anyway, this is Paul: musician, composer, artist, comedian, cartoonist, breakfast chef, love of my life, a heck of a back porch barbecue-er, and one hip cat.

And this is Trixie:

That thing at her feet is the "duck." While we were at church one Sunday morning, Trixie pulled the head off and spent a joyful hour or so pulling all the stuffing out and arranging it creatively all around the living room, but if you look real close you can still see 2 little gray duck feet sticking out of the middle. She loves this thing. I guess old friends are the best!

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Leslie Pease said...

Handsome husband!

You certainly captured him well! Love the way you use the palette -- especially in portraits (both people and pets). You have a good eye for color. I envy that gift!