Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ray, Art Critic

I like to work in natural light whenever possible, which is why I hardly ever paint at night - in addition to the fact that I'm very much a morning person and my energy tends to fade a little ... ok, a lot ... as the sun goes down.

Anyway, one dreary afternoon a few days back I had my easel set up in front of our living room windows, where the light is a little better on cloudy afternoons than in our office/studio. I took a break for a walk with Trixie, and upon returning some time later I found Ray enjoying the residual warmth of my vacated chair, studying the work in progress. (I was hoping he would offer some pointers, but he was pretty close-mouthed on the subject for a change.)

I was already carrying my camera (how convenient!) and the light was so beautiful and soft I couldn't resist an impromptu photo session. I knew I probably only had about 30 seconds, tops, before Ray decided he was through posing, so I had to work fast! Snapped a couple from the doorway with the entire scene, then moved in for some close-ups. To my delight he didn't make his move until I had captured this beauty - I just had to share it with you.

Tomorrow I'll post another picture of the iris painting, it's getting close to finished I think. Meanwhile, let me introduce you to the other feline members of the household. (These are some of those rare photos I have when they're awake!)

To meet the dog, Trixie, click on April under Archives and scroll down to April 12, "One Hip Cat."


Kerri King said...

Love them! I've got three cats too. I may post about them soon. Only one of the three likes to hold still for pictures, though.

Darren Siegel said...

Wow! Three cats. We have one, and he seems like three sometimes. Do you have any experience with illustrations for childrens books or about the industry in general?

Leslie Pease said...

Beautiful pictures and wonderful stories of their personalities.

I miss my Blanche.....

Karen Mathison Schmidt said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

Kerri - yeah, sometimes you have to be really sneaky to get good pics! I always keep my camera close at hand for those "in-the-moment" shots.

Darren - ha ha! Come to think of it, our 3 sometimes do feel like 9, especially at meal times when they're all milling around at my feet!

Most of the illustrations I've done have been commissions for local companies' advertising and individuals. I don't really have any experience with children's book illustrations, although I do love children's books. (I always thought I would ilke to write and illustrate some - I may yet!) I researched that field pretty extensively when I was considering that career direction, but that was YEARS ago (before Macs, PCs and digital submissions!) and I'm sure a lot has changed.

BTW, I went to your online gallery and I really like your paintings! Especially the landscapes - my husband is from the Bay Area and some of your pictures really made him homesick! You're very talented - keep up the good work.

Leslie - I'm so sorry to hear about your loss ... we really do love our pets, and when we lose one, there's a real grief there. Please know you have my deepest sympathy.

Melanie said...

Hi! First, thanks for the awesome scripture you left on my blog... love, love it.
Second - awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. your babies are so sweet!
I have two boston terriers that do not allow cats :) But the next door neighbors cat, Olive Oil, comes to visit me often on the back deck. She is all white and a cuddler.
I will have to post for you the pic I captured of one of my doggies that is just hysterical... you can look for it later today!
Blessings on an awesome day for you!

Karen Mathison Schmidt said...

Thanks, Melanie! Can't wait to see your doggie pics - go to my April 12 post "One Hip Cat" in my archives to meet our dog Trixie. Yep, we have a full house!