Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back Yard Pics

A late blog tonight ... I just got home about an hour ago from an impromptu “girls’ night out”; we met at church to attend a concert by the Louisiana Baptist All State high school choir (wonderful!), who are getting ready to depart for a week-long concert & mission tour. Afterward four of us went to the Starbucks coffee shop in Barnes & Noble bookstore for some treats and conversation ... talking about everything from work to blogging, to spouses to dogs to cats, to dogs vs. cats, to morning persons married to night owls, etc. ... lots of laughter and lots of fun; I enjoyed myself immensely, came home to an enthusiastic greeting from dogs and husband, a not quite as enthusiastic “oh, were you gone somewhere?” from the cats, and wanted to give just a little update before I join Paul to watch today’s Jeopardy and then hit the hay.

Today I worked on a new dog painting, plus another little abstract, but they’re not quite ready to show yet, so here are some photos from the back yard this afternoon.

We had quite a bit of rain day before yesterday, and it weighed down this blossom laden branch on one of our big crepe myrtles. I like the way it makes a kind of archway of flowers to walk under.

And here’s Matilda, gazing out to the pasture, daydreaming about her next escape, no doubt.

What? Me, escape?

Don’t make me laugh!

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Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Sounds like it was a lot of your blossoms :)