Saturday, June 4, 2011

Work in progress, plus goofball Ray

Dreaming in Color II WORK IN PROGRESS

On any given morning it may happen that I go up to my office/studio already knowing in my head what I’m going to work on, only to be greeted by some cuteness that’s just BEGGING to be painted. Such was the case this morning as I entered the room and found Ray bathed in morning light, napping on my desk among paint tubes, with his head propped on my ultra-colorful Laurel Burch dog mug that I keep my palette knives in. It goes without saying that this was a painting just waiting to happen.

I didn’t quite get it finished today ... I still have to add all the paint tubes ... but here are the work-in-progress photos so far:

And here’s Ray, on the floor beside my easel, watching me work:

What a goofball!

1 comment:

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

....and holding the pose almost purrrfectly :))

It's going to be a good one!