Sunday, June 5, 2011

Simple gifts

detail of a work-in-progress:

Well, the paint tubes are almost finished ... just have one more to go. I was thinking today how much I like the way the tubes are arranged. If I had made a conscious decision to a still life with paint tubes, I could have messed with arranging the tubes for an hour and not come up with an arrangement I like as well as this, which is how they were when I walked in the room yesterday and found this ready-made Still Life with Cat already set up and just waiting for me. I love little surprises like that.

Like happening in on Sophie this afternoon napping in our bed with Vermeer-like light coming in softly at the window.

Or this black-and-yellow butterfly that just happened to flit over a container of pansies on the front porch and hover over a pansy of the same color scheme just as I HAPPENED to be walking across the front patio WITH my camera in my hands, already turned on with the auto-focus engaged.


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