Thursday, May 3, 2007

A Quick Sketch

Just a quick little post for those of you who check in every day ... thanks for reading!

I just found out from Maggie Stiefvater’s Greywaren Art post for yesterday, May 2, that the Fine Line Artists are studying the art of James McNeill Whistler in May. I think I might try to participate; I had an idea this morning for a new painting along those lines (pun totally unexpected) entitled Study in Vanilla. I'll start on it today and post progress later tonight.

Yesterday while I was sitting at my desk waiting for some files to upload (a "snazzy" – coworker's word – brochure I designed for a new store opening in San José, in case you're wondering) I did this little 30-second sketch of Ray, who was snoozing in his favorite spot by the window. This is all I had time for before he yawned, got up and did the halloween kitty stretch, and lay down again facing away from me. A perfect example of the reason we use reference photos for pet portraits!

Just a note: I've added a link right under my About Me section called Just the Paintings, which is a blog where I'll post only finished paintings (in addition to posting them here on my daily blog) so you can more easily see examples of my finished work, including pieces which are available for purchase.

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Leslie Pease said...

Wonderful! Love the simple detail; each line captures the feline well yet not laboring on the details.