Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another Golden Oldie

Late Summer Path ©2005 Karen Mathison Schmidt
9 x 12 • acrylic on wood panel
private collection, Mitcham, Surrey, UK

A very long day. Here’s another one from the archives - I don’t think I’ve shown this one before. Right after I painted this, I sold it to a very nice woman who lives in England, and who now owns 3 of my paintings. I must admit it’s very encouraging to be “collected”!

And another quote from Daily Strength for Daily Needs:
Gratitude consists in a watchful, minute attention to the particulars of our state, and to the multitude of God’s gifts, taken one by one. It fills us with a consciousness that God loves and cares for us, even to the least event and the smallest need of life. ... When this feeling is awakened, the heart beats with a pulse of thankfulness. Every gift has its return of praise. It awakens an unceasing daily converse with our Father – He speaking to us by the descent of blessings, we to Him by the ascent of thanksgiving. And all our whole life is therey drawn under the light of His countenance, and is filled with a gladness, serenity, and peace which only thankful hearts can know.

– H. E. Manning (1808-1892)

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