Saturday, January 12, 2008

Introducing a new favorite

A couple of days ago in her Redhead Art blog, Melanie had a link to another blog which has become a new favorite of mine: Pioneer Woman. This woman is hilarious and she takes great photos!

Well, I have to confess today was one of those Saturdays that got completely away from me. At about 5:00 I looked at the clock and went “WHAT??! - What the heck happened to the day?”

I did spend the better part of the morning planning the composition for a new large painting, which I’m putting together from about 5 different pictures. Other than than I didn’t accomplish much more than packing away most of the remaining Christmas-y type things mentioned in yesterday’s post. Except for the snowmen. I figure they can stay until the end of February, since technically they’re winter decorations and not specifically Christmas decorations. I get this type of thinking from my mom.

Anyway, excuse me for totally changing the subject, but here’s Henry engaged in one of his favorite activities ...

... sitting on the back porch, watching. Just watching. Sometimes I wonder what’s going on in that canine brain. I stood in the kitchen watching him watching the back yard for a long stretch of time during which he didn’t move a muscle. I sneaked away very quietly to get my camera and when I came back he was still there, like a statue. I started to wonder if maybe he had fallen asleep sitting there, until I snapped the picture.

Now tell me: who wouldn’t love that face?

1 comment:

Melanie said...

this dog has my heart - he is just beautiful. Dont you wish you could know what was going on inside their heads?
Congrats on the de-christmasing, got mine done too! hooray!
Thanks for the linkage too... did you catch Pioneer womans ballet position post? I was laughing hysterically!