Sunday, January 27, 2008

Howdy, Neighbor!

In addition to his own acreage across the road, our neighbor, Farmer Mike, rents our pasture land, which comes right up to the rustic, dilapidated picket fence bordering our yard, for his horses and cows. (Don’t worry, there’s also a good barbed wire fence running right alongside the rustic, dilapidated picket fence, to keep our equine and bovine neighbors in the pasture and not in our yard.)

Sometimes there will be a whole group of cows and/or horses having a cocktail party right up by our fence. Today when I walked out into the yard, this guy was all by his lonesome, peacefully munching right across the way. He was quite handsome with the late afternoon sun shining on his red coat. I called out to him, “Hey!” He probably thought I said Hay and he looked up right as I snapped this picture.

And now, changing the subject jut a bit: I wanted to post these work-in-progress photos for Roses for Enid (a painting dedicated to the memory of my Grandma). I listed this on eBay last night, but for some reason Blogger won't let me edit the post, so I’ll put them here and that way they’ll be right above the finished piece if you scroll down a bit.

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